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Jun. 10th, 2012

Little Pearls - Teddy



Sure, I sold 5 dolls, but now I have accessories for those 5 that I most definitely do not need any longer. Please take them off my hands! Contact me at angelicthreads at gmail.com if you're interested in any of these things. Shipping will be a flat $5 within the United States to make everything easier.

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Mar. 10th, 2012

Little Pearls - Jun


Downsizing complete!

Two days ago I packed up the doll formerly known as Mikan and sent her halfway around the world. That was the last of the five dolls I decided to sell. I'm down to only seven! Yeah, only XD. With the exception of Cailet, I don't feel sad about selling any of them. I think I'll always be a little sad about selling the Kun I dreamed about for years, but that trip to Japan in May is easing the pain quite a bit!

At this point I don't think I could sell any more of my dolls, even though I don't do much with them. With the exception of Boo, they cannot be replaced by another doll, even the same mold. And quite frankly I think it's a waste of time to try to sell Boo since she's not worth much. She's one of the original Sugar fullsets so she's definitely yellowed. No one wants an old yellowed Sugar when a brand new one is so cheap and easy to get. Anyways, they are all here to stay unless something disastrous happens.

Once I come back from Japan and my finances recover a bit from the trip, I'm thinking about looking for a new Yo-sized doll. It doesn't feel right to not have that size in my collection, downsizing or not. I doubt it will be a Yo-SD or Yo-Tenshi since the only ones I like are Mamu and Colin/Remi and they're both so expensive secondhand. I really wanted an Ariadoll 5yrs Banana but unfortunately it looks like that company is closing before I'll have the chance to buy one :(. I'm really disappointed about that! Some other options I'm considering are Little Monica Blossom Lucile and Rosenlied Maret. I think both are super adorable but neither of them are calling me to take them home the way Banana was so I'm just not sure.

In other news, I fell in love with Leeke's new gradient wigs. I couldn't resist buying one for Jun and one for Mikhail. I like the wigs both wear right now but I'd like to have more options for them. Mikhail's getting one of these in Royal Grey/Slate Grey and Jun's getting one of these in Pale Turquoise. I'm excited to see what Mikhail looks like in grey tones rather than the stark black and white he has right now, and Jun's spiral curl wig can be difficult to manage sometimes so I'm glad to get a straight version of her perfect color with an additional light blonde mixed in. If that same wig had come in the two custom colors option I would have mixed the Pale Turquoise with Pink Cocktail, but unfortunately it didn't.

That's it for now! Don't expect another update from me until at least June XD.

Nov. 29th, 2011

Little Pearls - Akiko


Time to Downsize

Over four months since I posted last, huh? And the post before that was 3 months ago. It's apparent that my attention is elsewhere these days. I'll be honest - I'm losing interest in BJDs. I only log in to DoA to double check the local meetup thread and sometimes the news, and I don't feel the drive to make little outfits any longer. I'm having too much fun sewing for myself to spend any time on the dolls.

If it was only that I'd just let them sit in my room looking pretty, because I really do like every doll I have in my collection right now. But I'm dreaming of a trip to Japan next May, a once-in-a-lifetime experience where I can sightsee around a beautiful country, finally see my beloved Takarazuka Revue and my favorite current Takarazuka actress live, and make the pilgrimage to Tenshi no Sato. I think that's a worthwhile reason for putting some dolls up for sale.

For now, I'm only selling dolls that are replaceable - ones I can get at a later date through FCS or the manufacturer if I feel like diving seriously into BJDdom again. Or in the case of one, a doll I could easily replace with another mold and not feel sorry about it. The prices listed do not include shipping or any extras - you'll be receiving a nude doll unless you would like to negotiate prices for wigs, eyes or a particular outfit. The price for the doll itself is not negotiable, as I feel I am pricing them dirt cheap as it is. Please email angelicthreads (at) gmail.com if you're interested in any of these dolls. I'll be posting them on DoA if I don't get any interest by the weekend. I'm also more than happy to do any pictures you might request.

Cailet (Volks SD13 WS F-22 One-Off by Aone) - $650
Rosalie (Volks BW SwD Myu) - $250 (ON HOLD)
Gwendolyn (Volks BW MSD F-06) - $250 (ON HOLD)
Casca (Ariadoll Isabel by Pulse) - $250 (ON HOLD)
Mikan (Volks Yo-Tenshi Snow-White Yuh) - $550 (Talk to me about her extra hands if you're interested!)

Jul. 16th, 2011

Little Pearls - Rei


Rei rocks Teddy's outfit

Whoo, has it really been 3 months since I've updated this place? Bad doll owner! Between Fanime preparations and just generally not being in the mood for doll stuff, I haven't been paying much attention to the collection lately. Guess I broke my resolution to do one doll photoset a week, huh? Well, let's see if I can ease myself back into playing with my resin moneypit again.

I bought this neat old Volks SD13 boy set from a friend many months ago. Naturally it went on Teddy the moment it came in, but I put it on Rei a while back and I have to say that she's smashing in this pseudo-historical set. I played with some dramatic lighting techniques tonight and managed to get a few decent photos of my lovely grown-up lady.

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Apr. 18th, 2011

Takarazuka - Zunko Rose


Welcome Home Casca!

Look who came back from her faceup today!

A sweet little girl named for an emperor's murderer. . .Collapse )
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Apr. 16th, 2011

Takarazuka - Magee says PLEEEEASE?


The Maidens of Spring Dreams

I haven't wanted any Volks outfits as badly as I wanted the two you'll see in this entry. Luckily I got them both off the International site. I win at clickwars :3.

Cailet and Rosalie are spoiled lately. . .Collapse )

Apr. 2nd, 2011

Little Pearls - Rei


A Duet of Beauty

I'm setting myself a new goal - one photoset each week. Shouldn't be too hard, right? Except now I just realized how long this really takes. I had to redress both dolls (half an hour). Then I had to walk out to the photo site, set them up, do the photos, and walk home (45 minutes). Then there's photo editing (another half an hour). Still, if I am dedicated I think I can manage it in all weeks except one or two directly before a convention.

Anyways, Rei and Cailet are the stars today! They're both painted by aone so I wanted to do some photos together highlighting their similarities and differences. Yes, this does mean Rei FINALLY has some real pictures on the SD16 body!

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Mar. 27th, 2011

Takarazuka - Zunko Rose


On SD/MSD Relationships

After taking those photos yesterday and seeing some of the responses, I felt like musing a little bit on doll relationships involving an SD and an MSD.

The photos were not meant to overtly imply that Mikhail and Rosalie are an item, but I think the end result was a little heavy-handed and that happened anyway. I was trying to hint at something in my doll story. I know, I know, I constantly reference this mysterious "story" and yet other than a few photoshoots and the Profiles section I never actually tell you dear readers about this story. That being said, I think you all know that Rosalie is rather helpless and Mikhail is no saint. I don't mean to imply that Mikhail is doing, ahem, inappropriate things to Rosalie (that is definitely not what's going on. This story is dark but not THAT dark!), but the two do have a rather complicated history together.

The two also may not be inhabiting the same bodies as they did in the past.

Without giving away everything, dealing with characters trapped in bodies far younger than their actual ages is a big part of the story. I know this has been done to death in the BJD hobby, and not particularly well in most cases (insert story about the stereotypical 500-year-old vampire catgirl in the body of a child here) but this is the way their backstories popped into my head and it's so complicated now I couldn't change it if I wanted. So now my challenge is to take this badly overdone trope and use it effectively. Now do you see why this story is taking so long to develop? This is just one of many problems I'm facing.

And then, of course, is the issue of photography. There is very little that squicks me in BJD photostories the way blatant SD/MSD relationships do. Even if both dolls are sculpted to be adults, the size difference still makes the smaller look like a child. And of course in the case of Mikhail and Rosalie, the latter is obviously supposed to be a little girl with her soft chubby face and pudgy body. I definitely do not want to imply that at the present point in the story Mikhail and Rosalie are involved, but at the same time I have to acknowledge the pair's history. It's going to be a huge challenge taking photos that preserve this balance. I think I may not have hit the right point in that balance yesterday, but it's helpful for future tries.

Anyways, while I'm here I should mention that I received Casca last Monday. She is such a charming little doll! Her body is sculpted so beautifully and it's so perfect for a 13-year-old girl. She does have the beginnings of a mature body but still has chubby childish areas like a round tummy and short hands. Since she came blank and I immediately sent her head out for a faceup, there are no pictures yet but you can bet I will be spamming her here once she's back.

Mar. 26th, 2011

Sera Myu - Prince Demand


The Guardian of the Sleeping Girl

Well look at that. I actually took some pictures - and of dolls that sorely need more photos!

Mikhail, Rosalie, and a semi-creepy shoot.Collapse )

Mar. 18th, 2011

Little Pearls - Rei


Custom BJD Outfit for help_japan

(Sorry if you see this a zillion times; I'm crossposting this everywhere!)

I am offering my sewing skills in the help_japan community! If you or your friend has a doll and you'd like to help the people in Japan in some way, please consider bidding on my auction! I will make a completely custom BJD outfit for your doll (minus wig/eyes/shoes, of course). Be it cosplay, lolita, or just an idea floating around in your head, I'll make it!

Here's where you can bid:


And be sure to read all the rules on help_japan!

I'd appreciate it if the word was spread about this - I'd love to raise as much as I can! Thanks guys!

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